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Is Your Heating System Making Spooky Sounds?

Let the Experts From Frog Exorcise Those Demons

Cue the soundtrack of eerie music and creepy Halloween noises! This is the month when howling werewolves, cackling witches, moaning ghosts and macabre melodies are the norm, not the exception.

From haunted houses to scary movies, spine-chilling music and hair-raising sounds are ingredients that kick the fright level up an extra notch. And that’s a good thing. But when your heating system starts moaning, cackling or howling, it’s time to call in the experts from Frog Heating, Air & Electrical, your trusted heating repair company in Donelson, TN, and throughout the Nashville area.

Not sure what your bewitched heating system is trying to tell you? Check out this handy guide for clues about the monster that’s invading your heater and threatening to turn your comfy, cozy home into a bone-chilling crypt.

  • Tap! Tap! Tap! Calm down. Freddy Krueger is not tapping on your window and begging to come in. Instead, you’re probably being haunted by a poorly fitted part or a buildup of lime scale that creates quite a ruckus when it develops.
  • Tea Time (Not!) There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of a teakettle boiling on the stove. Except when you realize you didn’t put the teakettle on to boil. Now, that’s downright frightening. In this case, the likely demons are sludge that’s built up in your heating system or those devilish lime scale deposits. Other possible fiends that can cause this problem, which is called kettling, are a faulty installation or an improperly set system.
  • Bang! Bang! Bang! Although this might be the sound the Grim Reaper makes when he comes to call, there’s another possible explanation. As water passes through your heating pipes, they expand and contract. When they’re fitted poorly, they can go bang (and clang) in the night. A malfunctioning pump or a boiler that’s too large for the space can also raise a racket.
  • Gurgle. Glug. Glug. Is that the Swamp Thing keeping you up at night? Probably not. Gurgling can be the result of air that’s been building up in your radiators. Bleeding them is fairly simple and should solve the problem.
  • Hum-dinger. When you finally unravel this mystery, it’s less likely the mummy and more likely a malfunctioning heating system. Most heating units, especially if they’re older, make a humming noise when operational. However, a high-pitched hum or other change in the noise should prompt you to contact the experts to investigate and solve the problem.
  • Drip. Drip. Either the Creature from the Black Lagoon is taking up residence in your heater or there’s a leak in there somewhere. Again, it’s time to call the pros for some much-needed TLC and repair work.

Keep in mind that eerie noises aren’t the only warnings that your heating system is on the fritz. Foul smells, higher energy bills, hot and cold spots and lack of adequate heat when your system is on full blast are also telltale signs. Together, you and Frog can cast the magic spell that will cut through the cobwebs and restore your comfort.

From HVAC repairs in Donelson, TN, to electrical repair services in Nashville, TN, Frog is your trusted provider of quality products and services. Our honest, reliable and professional team is committed to keeping you comfy and cozy. Schedule an appointment with Frog today. Simply email our team or call 615.823.3965.

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