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Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair Nashville, TN

Water Heater Repair & Installation in Nashville, TN

Frog Heating, Electrical, Air and Plumbing can take care of all of your water heater repair and installation needs in Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Our skilled and highly trained experts make the inconvenience of water heater repair much more tolerable. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, our trained technicians have the skills to quickly and professionally take care of your water heater repair needs.

Having water heater issues where it is not heating the water as it should can be a shock to homeowners. As it seems that a water heater seems to go out right when you need it, making for frigid showers or not allowing your dishwasher or washing machine to lift dirt, debris and stains with only cold water on tap. With our team of experts always available for service and repair calls even after hours residents of the greater Nashville area don’t have to worry about being caught off guard. Contact our friendly team for your water heater service, repair & installation needs, today. 

At Frog Air, we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Normal wear and tear, or hardware failures can cause your water heater to fail, and while we cannot always prevent it we certainly can help you if and when it does to get your water heater back up and running or even replaced when needed.  Regular maintenance on your water heater does extend the life of your water heater and it allows us to preemptively catch troublesome points of failure or wear before it can become an issue. Ask us about regular maintenance for your water heater. 

Water Heater Installation Nashville, TN

Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair in Nashville, TN

Your water heater can live a long life with proper maintenance. When a mechanical failure starts to affect your water heater’s reliability, it is time to call for help. A busted water heater will leave you with cold water and frigid showers but here are some ways that your failing water heater might let you know it needs repair.

Loud Noises

You may occasionally hear noises coming from your utility closet as the water heater does its thing. Some of these noises are normal and are not an indication of a problem. However, impending repairs cause some noise disturbances, so it is vital to listen for any changes in its performance and be able to tell the difference.

A rumbling or grinding noise coming from your water heater is a surefire sign that things are not working well, while you can safely ignore the common traditional sounds of the water heater at work. If your water heater begins to make suspicious noises it’s time to call the Frog water heater repair team.

Changes in Water Pressure

Sediment build-up can slow down the flow of water in your home. If you notice a change in water pressure, namely lower pressure, check for any pressure differences between hot and cold water. If your water pressure is faltering on both hot and cold water temperatures, bad pipes are probably to blame. And we can help identify and treat pipe clogs, sediment build up and pipe repair or replacement as needed. Yet in regards specifically to the performance of your water heater, if you only notice a decrease in pressure using hot water, it is time to call us for a water heater repair service technician to come out onsite.

Mixed Cold and Hot Water

If you have ever noticed some cold water in your shower, there could be a maintenance issue looming with your water heater. This would be noticeable streams of cold water flowing from your taps while the water was supposed to be running hot water. Or you are not getting true hot water and instead are only achieving lukewarm temperature water. These issues can be caused by ineffective heating. A crack on the inside of your water heater might be allowing cold water in. Cracks should be diagnosed by a professional, and our team of experts are ready to help you.

Rusty Colored Water

If you notice a reddish-brown tint to your hot water, this is a sign that your water heater could be suffering from extensive corrosion. If you have a clean water supply, a common reason is the water heater is in need of replacement.

Why Choose Us?

Frog Air has been serving the greater Nashville, TN area with heating, cooling, and plumbing services for more than two decades. We offer friendly, professional service backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Contact our offices today to ​book a service appointment​ for your water heater repair or installation.

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