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Commercial Electrical Services

Frog Commercial Electrical Services In Nashville, Tennessee

Commercial Electrical Installation

Here at Frog in Nashville, TN, we recognize that electricity is extremely vital in running a business. Despite it being critical to have safe and reliable electricity in a business, it seems that far too many people take electricity for granted.

The number of things requiring electricity in your commercial business are vast, including: heaters, refrigerators, computers, printers, lights, telephones, routers, etc. Electrical problems arising in any place in your business may lead to costly operational disruptions, as many establishments rely on electricity every second of the day. Besides financial risks, electrical problems can also pose a risk to life.

At Frog, we handle electrical issues of all sizes and scopes in the Nashville, TN area. Our expertise spans the gamut when it comes to commercial business electrical needs.

What Commercial Electrical Service We Offer

At Frog in Nashville, TN, we offer a wide variety of commercial electrical services. When it comes to maintenance, we find issues and solve them, which prevent problems from spiraling out of control. When it comes to installation, our highly trained electricians make sure everything is done safely and properly. When it comes to renovations and upgrades, we make sure your business is safe, energy efficient, and up to code in order to avoid hefty fines from your city or state.

Nashville, Tennessee

Commercial Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

Diagnosing and repairing electrical problems before they become huge issues is something we excel at here at Frog. If your business overlooks a small electrical issue, it can evolve over time to be something much larger, more costly, and even dangerous.

Getting appropriate maintenance and repairs done in your commercial business not only prevents financially draining electrical disruptions from occurring, it also prevents minor repairs from turning into major ones that could break the bank. Additionally, regular maintenance keeps your electrical equipment reliable and extends its lifespan, putting more money into your pocket.

At Frog, our professionals conduct audits and look for a variety of issues that indicate more emphasis is needed on repairs and maintenance. Overheating issues with equipment, for example, can mean the beginning of a much larger problem. Left unchecked, wires may become frayed or exposed, making for a dangerous fire hazard.

From checking and fixing issues ranging from overheating, to signs of damage, to wires being affected by leaky pipes, we stay on top of things for you so that you may focus on running your business and having peace of mind.

Commercial Electrical Service

Commercial Electrical Installation

Improper electrical installations can be extremely costly to commercial businesses. Wiring that is installed wrong can not only lead to electricity being insufficiently circulated through a building, but it can also cause electrocutions and fires. High voltage wiring that isn’t properly insulated can lead to fires occurring. Faulty wiring being installed can lead to major accidents.

With Frog, you can trust our highly trained specialists to install even the most complicated of wiring and electrical equipment both effectively and safely. Our experience is vast when it comes to electrical installations and we make sure that plans are followed meticulously and that safety is always a top priority.

Commercial Electrical RepairCommercial Electrical Renovations & Upgrades

Keeping your business running effectively, energy efficiently, and safely depends on proper electrical renovations and upgrades being made. When you work with Frog in Nashville, TN, we handle all of the electrical upgrades for you to take stress off your mind.

Here at Frog, there are a wide variety of upgrades and renovations we can do for your business, including but not limited to:


  • Adding electrical outlets to service extra computers, phones, printers, copiers, etc.
  • Creating dedicated circuits to protect against power surges and electrical damage.
  • Making sure your commercial business is up to code to avoid big fines.
  • Upgrading surge protection in your commercial business to protect against sudden electrical surges that destroy sensitive electronics.
  • Replacing old and worn down electrical panels that are less energy efficient and more likely to contain damaged wiring.
  • Upgrading old wiring, which is more susceptible to getting overheated and being a fire risk.
  • Replacing traditional lights with LED ones that are far more energy efficient, saving you money.

Why Frog Is The Best Choice For Your Commercial Electrical Needs

We are so confident we are the best at what we do here at Frog in Nashville, TN, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Frog, we are the #1 choice for the following reasons:

  • Highly trained, experienced, and licensed professional commercial electricians
  • World class quality
  • Fully insured
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great customer service
  • Guaranteed quality and more.

The commercial electrical needs for your business are way too important to be overlooked!  Let us take care of all of that for you so you can focus on running your business.

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