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How to Prep Your Home for Mother Nature This Season

Do These 3 Things and Stay Safe & Secure

It won’t be long before summer arrives. And while the season is highly anticipated and brings more warmth and sunny days, it’s also known for unpredictable weather. Summer storms in Nashville can last from spring through autumn. Sometimes, we even find ourselves dodging tornados. Of course, if we’re honest, it’s those electrical storms that are the worst, right? If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of one and needed electrical repair service in your Nashville home, you know it’s true.

Don’t get stuck out in the rain this season! Instead, take precautions before summer storms hit by protecting your home so you’ll have total peace of mind. Our team of experts at Frog Heating, Air & Electrical offer professional services that keep your home both safe and comfortable during stormy weather.

Here are three ways we can help keep your home at its safest this summer:

Surge protection

Today’s world is filled with all kinds of electronic devices. From computers and tablets to smartphones and gaming systems, everything seems to need a Wi-Fi connection or an electrical outlet these days. As a homeowner, the best thing you can do to safeguard your electronics—and your home— is to invest in professional surge protection. Frog’s skilled and experienced electricians can install whole-home surge protectors at the main breaker boxes of your home. These systems work by absorbing the electrical surge and channeling it to the ground. Plus, a full-house system will protect your TVs, sound systems and other appliances, too.


The effects of a bad thunderstorm can be numerous. Wind gusts can knock over power lines, lightning can zap your devices and the rain can pelt your roof—making it sound like the sky is falling. When you lose power in the midst of a rough storm, things fall apart. How will you cook dinner? Can you open the refrigerator? How will the kids watch TV? Everything in your daily routine feels inconvenienced—unless you have a generator. Power up your home with a portable generator or a stationary one and gain total peace of mind during a power loss. The helpful team at Frog can assess your emergency energy needs and recommend the right generator for your home. It’s that easy!

Smoke detectors

We hope you never have to experience a house fire. But if an electrical storm strikes and ignites a fire in your home, a properly functioning smoke alarm could save your life. Our team at Frog can install two types of systems in your home—hardwired or battery operated. A professional technician can guide you through the installation process and discuss what type of alarm is best suited for your home.

Secure Quality Service at a Great Price

Our team at Frog has one goal: to keep your home comfortable and safe throughout every season. When you need electrical services in Nashville, turn to our team of professionals for all your installation, repair and maintenance needs. We are always nearby to give your home some extra TLC.

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