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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Pet and Your HVAC System Live in Harmony

Frog Knows Life Can be ‘Ruff’ But Rewarding for Pet Owners

If you own pets, it will come as no surprise that they add to your housework because of their hair, dander, slobber, dirty paw prints and more. But every time they snuggle up next to you or lift your spirits at the end of a rough day, you remember all over again how very worth it they are. So, check out these ideas to continue to enjoy your pet while getting the most out of your HVAC system.

  1. Don’t underestimate the value of quality pet care. Grooming and bathing your pet regularly helps keep your furry friend happy and healthy. But it also helps keep your HVAC system operating at its best because it doesn’t get overburdened with animal fur and dander. Less fur and dander also means cleaner, healthier indoor air.
  2. Pets are people, too! OK! You caught us. We’re exaggerating. But only just a little. You should keep your pets’ needs in mind when heating and cooling your home. For instance, when programming the thermostat for hours none of their humans will be home, consider your pets’ comfort. Pets don’t need the AC or heat to be the same temperatures as we do, but make sure they are safe and comfy.
  3. Scout out—and eliminate—potential danger. Most pets are very curious and like to nibble as they explore their world. Make sure any cords or interesting but “chewable” items around your HVAC system are safely secured or tucked out of Fido’s or Fluffy’s sight.
  4. Don’t ignore that air filter. Your HVAC system’s air filter works even harder when there are pets in the home. That’s because it’s blocking dirt, dust and dander from entering your system and fouling up your indoor air. Always keep your filters clean. Replace them at least once a month—more often if you notice them getting dirty or clogged more frequently or if you have multiple pets. Clean filters help your HVAC system function efficiently and keep your indoor air cleaner.
  5. Schedule an appointment with Frog. Our expert maintenance service helps keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. When pets are a part of your family, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of our expertise and advice.
  6. Protect your outdoor unit. Pets aren’t just curious. They also choose some interesting spots to tinkle or do their other business when they’re outside. So, use fencing or some other barrier to protect your outdoor HVAC unit from becoming a target. However, make sure the barrier is far enough away from the unit so that it functions properly and is easily accessible for service calls.

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