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Your 2022 Spring Home Checklist

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Spring is the traditional time for cleaning and organizing your home from top to bottom. It should also become a habit to conduct a full home maintenance routine. Here is your 2022 Spring Home Checklist. This will ensure that you are ready for the warmer months and that your home and yard stay in tip-top shape.

  • Winter Damage Inspection
    Start at the top, looking for any roof damage, including loose or missing shingles. Next, check for damaged siding or trim, gutter and downspout damage, and cracks in sidewalks or driveway.
  • HVAC System Service Scheduling
    Call us at Frog Air (615-823-3965) or go to our website to schedule your regular appointment for us to come out and check your air conditioning system. Don’t get caught needing maintenance when the weather is unbearably hot; do it now so your system will function at its best all season long.
  • Home Foundation Inspection
    Examine your home’s foundation for any cracks, bulges, or gaps between the soil and the foundation walls where water can pool. Winter weather can not only cause cracking, but ice buildup can expand any existing cracks. Also be sure that shrubs and trees are cut back, away from the foundation.
  • Yard Cleanup, Pruning, and Planting
    Now’s the time to remove broken tree limbs leaves, and dead flowers or plants. Mowing and edging for that first time can really improve the look of your yard. Adding new mulch can also make a big difference. It’s also time to reseed your bare spots so that your lawn has time to establish itself before summer heat and rainstorms.
  • Gutter and Outdoor Drainage Clearing
    Properly functioning gutters, downspouts, and rainwater drainage systems are essential to prevent rainwater from pouring into your foundation and flooding your property.
  • Irrigation System Testing and Outdoor Plumbing Check
    Turn on your irrigation system and walk each sprinkler zone to make sure it’s working properly. Outdoor faucets can freeze and crack during the winter. Heat pumps and pool equipment can also be damaged during the winter.
  • Screen Door and Window Repair
    Inspect screens and replace those that are damaged. For small holes, you can find repair kits at a hardware store. Make sure your windows are sealed properly to keep the summer heat out.
    Deck and Siding Power Wash and Sealing
    Use a pressure washer set to the right flow for the wood or siding to clean your outdoor spaces. After you’ve cleaned the deck and repaired any damage you find, it’s a good time to stain and seal the wood. Do this at least every other year to maintain the wood and protect it from heat, humidity, and rainstorms.

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