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10 Furnace Safety Tips

Residential heater installation from Frogair

Over the past few months, our heaters have been getting a lot of use. You want you family to be comfortable during the winter months, but ultimately what’s most important is that they’re safe. Use this list to feel confident that you have created the safest home heating environment for you and your family. Remember, all of us at Frog Air, Heating, and Electrical are here to help you with your home heating needs.

  1. Keep Combustibles Away

  2. There should be no flammable or combustible things in the same area or space as your furnace. Combustible compounds include gasoline, engine oil, paint thinner, lighter fluid, and matches. Flammable compounds include paper, cardboard, upholstered furniture, clothing, and carpets. If your furnace catches fire, the flames might readily migrate to combustible or flammable objects, allowing the fire to spread quickly throughout your home.

  3. Ensure Proper Ventilation

  4. It is critical to ensure that your furnace has adequate ventilation. To put it another way, enormous obstacles such as furnishings, boxes, and clutter should be removed from the area surrounding your furnace. Keeping the furnace free of things will allow its vents to take in more air and make repairs easier in an emergency.

  5. Embrace Maintenance

  6. Staying on top of your furnace’s upkeep should be a priority. Examine and repair any defects or wear out to keep on top of maintenance. Rust, for example, could be among the indications that your furnace is in danger. Alternatively, if you notice noises such as rattling, popping, or banging, you will recognize your furnace has an issue. Contact us to schedule a maintenance appointment.

  7. Don’t Keep Laundry Around Your Furnace

  8. To ensure your safety, make sure there isn’t any laundry close to the furnace, as this might cause a fire.

  9. Check The Lighting in The Rooms Regularly

  10. Examining your room’s lighting system is an excellent concept that you should constantly consider. If you come across any damaged, inoperable, or dim light fixtures, replace them immediately since they might represent a safety threat. Also, keep flashlights on hand for checkups or in an emergency.

  11. Change The Air Filter

  12. There is a filter in your furnace. Its duty is to collect small airborne particles. These particles might contaminate the furnace’s components. Dirt accumulation on the heat exchanger, igniter, or sensor exchanger might result in a system malfunction or failure. Check your furnace air filter once a month. Remove and replace the filter if it is noticeably filthy.

    Trane Comfort Specialists - Frog Heating & Air

  13. Keep Kids and Pets Away from Your Furnace

  14. For this safety step, always keep pets and kids away from your furnace to avoid the possibility of them being harmed or damage occurring to the furnace.

  15. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  16. Install these gadgets all over your home and especially in rooms that create smoke such as your kitchen. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors should be spread throughout your home. If your device has batteries, make sure that they are replaced or recharged when they run out. You should also keep these gadgets up to date.

  17. Regularly Look and Sniff

  18. Examine the area around your furnace every couple of weeks. It’s an excellent idea to contact a professional for an inspection if you detect anything unusual, like ash, a greasy coating, or insect nesting materials. If you notice a foul stench, such as rotten eggs, your furnace may have a gas leak.

  19. Examine Flue Openings

  20. Examine your flue exits for any blockages. Bird nests, mouse nests, and leaves can all become lodged in the flue. As you use natural gas in your furnace, it produces combustion byproducts. These are fumes that are emitted from your home via the flue. It is critical that these waste gases escape your home for health reasons.

    Use these easy actions to create a warm and safe home. You can relax during the wintertime knowing that you have a reliable and cost-effective furnace. Frog Air will provide you with reliable air conditioning and heating maintenance, installation, and repair services, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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