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How Do I Prepare My Home For Fall?  

Technician repairing residential unit

As the months get colder and then nights get darker, it is important to prepare your home for the seasonal changes. By completing big home maintenance tasks in the brief period between the end of summer and the beginning of fall your home will be better prepared for the drastic weather changes such as heavy rain, frosts, and possible high winds coming its way.

Frog Air has compiled a list of 7 things that you should do to prepare for fall and the colder months to come:

  • Test Your Smoke Detector Batteries

    Smoke detector batteries must be checked once a year. Avoiding this small task could prove dangerous because the device will be left without power; therefore, it won’t alert you if there is a fire. Carbon monoxide detectors are also important devices to test. Replace all batteries that are no longer working properly.

  • Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

    Most people do not know that your ceiling fan has a summer and winter setting—counterclockwise and clockwise. This means, depending on the fan’s direction, it pushes cool air down to cool off your home. For fall and winter weather, the fan should rotate clockwise to pull the cool air up and away from your space while pushing the warmer air back down toward the floor.

    Turned off ceiling fan

  • Clean Out the Gutters

    To prepare the exterior of your home for the fall season, clear gutters of any leaves, twigs, and branches. Doing so helps rainwater that falls into the gutter to drain properly. If water accumulates and overflows in the wrong areas, it could damage the foundation of your home.

  • Store Outdoor Furniture

    Although your outdoor furniture might’ve been marketed as able to withstand all weather conditions, that doesn’t mean you have to put their word to the test this fall. Store your summer-living furniture in your garage, shed, or basement so you can be certain it’s ready to go for next summer’s barbecue.
    If you don’t have any space for your furniture right now, avoid any torrential downpours or unexpected snowfalls by placing a protective covering, such as a tarp or waterproof casing, over the furniture and secure the items in place. You can purchase outdoor covers for fire pits, tables, chairs, sofas, and even the hot tub.

    Outdoor patio furniture

  • Check Windows and Doors for Leaks

    To avoid a rise in your gas bill, ensure there are no leaks in your windows or doors that could be causing a draft. The seal on these could be broken or lost, and you may need replacements to ensure your house stays warm this upcoming fall.
    Prepping your home when the seasons change is important because it allows you to double-check that items are secure and in working condition. Don’t forget to take breaks between tasks and do something fun such as decorating. You also don’t need to complete every job on the same day—spread out your work, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Inspect Your Furnace

    You’ll want your furnace functioning in tip-top shape during the upcoming chilly months, so right now is the perfect time to have an expert perform a check-up. You can also make sure your furnace filter is changed out about once a month while you using it regularly. Contact us and we’ll come out to do a furnace inspection for you:

    Smart thermostat in Tennessee home

  • Install a Programmable Thermostat

    Installing a programmable thermostat is both affordable and easy to do on your own. Control your home’s heating and cooling while you’re on the go with a programmable thermostat. Set the temperature in each room with just a tap on your smartphone. You’ll save money in the long run by turning down the heat while you’re out and about this fall. Contact us today and we can set you up:

Fall, Here We Come!

Hopefully, the tips above will get your home primed and ready for fall weather. Perform these safety and money-saving precautions now for successful seasons to come! All of us at Frog Air are here to help make the transition from summer to fall an easy and safe one for you. Frog provides HVAC maintenance for Nashville for any residents that may need a helping hand please contact us here and schedule a service today!

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