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Keep Your HVAC in Top Shape— What To Do Now, Seasonally, and Annually

Frogair HVAC Technician

It can be confusing as to what you should be doing to maintain an efficient and productive HVAC system now, seasonally, and annually. Follow these simple guidelines and you can conserve energy use, save money, and have a more comfortable home year-round. Feel free to contact us at Frog Air for all of your HVAC questions and services.

Do Now:

Prepare for the warmer months now. Before the summer hits, you should inspect your cooling system.

  • Change Filters

    This is something that should be done year-round. At a minimum, you should change the air filters on your HVAC system at least once every 90 days. You can change it before the beginning of each season. However, you may need to change the filter more often than that if anyone in your household has allergies or if you have pets.

    You might also need to change it more often if you constantly use the air conditioner during those warmer months. You should change the filter regularly because it can impede the function of your HVAC system. When the filter is full of dirt and dust, it can block the airflow of the unit. It can also bring dirt into the evaporator coil of the air conditioner which can affect the performance of the unit.

  • Check Outdoor Unit

    Another thing you can do before the summer arrives is to inspect your outdoor air conditioner unit.  If you cover your unit during the winter, you can uncover it and inspect it. Clear away any twigs, dirt, grass, or other debris that could be blocking the unit. Trim any nearby shrubs or grass so that they don’t block the unit.

  • Check the Thermostat

    Check the thermostat and make sure it is set to the right setting for the warmer months. You can also turn on your air conditioner to make sure it is working properly.  You also might want to upgrade to a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one. You can save up to 10% by programming your thermostat back 7-10 degrees from how you normally set it.

    Smart thermostat in Tennessee home

Do Seasonally:

You want to set an HVAC maintenance schedule for the cooler months too. The focus for the fall and winter should be the heating system, and in spring and summer, the cooling system.

  • Turn on System

    A simple thing you can do is turn on your system to make sure it’s working properly. It is best to do before each season as a part of your HVAC maintenance.

  • Clean Vents

    Check and clean your vents regularly to make sure there are no obstructions, debris, or dust. If the vents are dirty or blocked, your HVAC system will have to work harder to warm up the house.

    Residential technician performing an air duct cleaning

Do Annually:

  • Heating System Check-Up

    Just like with your cooling system, you should schedule an annual check-up of your heating system. The fall is the best time to do a maintenance check-up because it’s usually less busy than the winter.

    Also, it’s better to be prepared and make sure your system is running smoothly before the winter begins.  You don’t want to have to call an emergency service appointment when it’s nearly freezing outside.

    Some of the things a technician may inspect during a service appointment:

    • Inspect heating operation and heating controls
    • Inspect crankcase heater
    • For heat pumps, inspect reversing valves
    • Change air filters if needed

    commercial electrician services in Tennessee

  • Air Conditioner Maintenance

    In addition to the above, you should have a professional technician come out and do a tune-up of your air conditioner system. You should have a professional check-up of your heating and cooling system at least once a year. A regular maintenance plan can improve your unit’s efficiency and catch any problems that may affect performance.

    The following are some of the things a technician may check during a routine service appointment:>

    • Check refrigerant
    • Check condensate drain
    • Check evaporator coil and condenser
    • Check electrical components
    • Check blower parts
    • Check belts and motor

Although there are some things you can do yourself when it comes to HVAC maintenance, many parts should be left to a professional technician who has the right training, tools, and expertise in HVAC systems.  A professional will be able to correctly diagnose any issues you’re having with your heating or cooling system. Contact us today for all of your HVAC needs in the Nashville and surrounding areas

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