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Want to Make Your Home Electrifyingly Safer?

Get Wind of What You Need to Do!

This June 21-June 27 is Lightning Safety Awareness Week, which is dedicated to educating everyone about the dangers of lightning and how to stay safe.

The biggest misconception when it comes to lightning is that your safety is only threatened when you’re outdoors. The truth is danger exists indoors, too. From a direct strike to your house to a ground strike nearby, lightning can enter your home and travel through your electrical wiring, plumbing/pipes and phone or cable lines. That’s why, during a thunderstorm, you’re going to want to:

  • Stay off corded phones. Opt for cellular or cordless phones instead.
  • Avoid touching electrical equipment that’s plugged in, including computers, TVs or cords. You can continue using remote controls safely, though.
  • Don’t touch anything plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Use plumbing cautiously.
  • Keep away from outside doors and windows.

Lightning isn’t the only electrical-related hazard that puts you and your family’s indoor safety in harm’s way. Electrical problems do, too. This is where our team of experts at Frog Heating, Air & Electrical can help! From performing electrical repairs to handling electrical panel replacements in Nashville, we offer the professional electrical services you need to keep your home safe—rain or shine!

Make Sure Your Electrical Panel Is Right as Rain!

Is your electrical panel outdated, overloaded or improperly sized for your power demands? This is an electrical problem you need to address right away!

Your electrical panel is the brain of your home’s electrical system. It feeds all of the circuits and wiring in your home that power your appliances, lights, HVAC system and other electrical devices. It’s important your electrical panel is powerful, reliable and, most importantly, safe!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in home structure fires across the U.S. Also, the Consumer Product Safety Commission identifies small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper home wiring as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions.

Electrical panels frequently need to be replaced to keep up with today’s ever-increasing demand for power—from an outdated panel that lacks the sophistication of today’s advanced technology to a panel that’s insufficiently sized to meet a family’s electrical needs and more. Here are signs your electrical panel may need to be replaced or upgraded:

  • Your electrical panel is 25+ years old.
  • Your electrical panel is broken or in poor condition.
  • Your aged electrical panel only contains a few circuits or doesn’t have a main breaker.
  • Your circuit breaker never trips or fails to trip, causing shocks or overheating of outlets.
  • Your home has a screw-in fuse panel or the panel is obsolete.
  • Your lights are constantly flickering.
  • Your breakers trip frequently and your fuses blow often.
  • You need to turn off one appliance to use another.
  • There’s corrosion or rust on your breakers or panel.
  • You’re using a lot of extension cords.
  • … And any of these signs, too!

Stay Plugged In With the Electricians You Can Trust!

This year, Frog encourages you to participate in Lightning Safety Awareness Week by taking advantage of our expert electrical services in Nashville to secure a safer home for you and your family. To get started, fill out our online form or call 615.823.3965 today!

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