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Do You Need a Tesla Level 2 Charger for Your Electric Vehicle?

Tesla charging plug

You plug things in to charge every day—your cell phone, your computer, your watch, your ear buds, your tablet. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is similar. You plug in an EV so it can charge the battery for the car’s motor to run. EVs are powered by large battery packs that store DC energy.

High speed chargers, which are found in public spaces—and not in homes—provide DC power. This is the most direct and quickest way to charge a battery. DC electricity flows from the charging station directly into the battery.

However, things are a bit different when it comes to charging an EV in a home. At your home, as with most places in general, you only have access to AC power. For this reason, all EVs are equipped with an on-board charger that converts the AC power from the charger to DC power so the energy can be stored in the battery. The conversion from AC to DC power adds some time to the charging process.

The most convenient place to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. Plug in when you get home and let your car charge while you sleep. You no longer need to take trips to the pump with a gas-powered vehicle, and you can utilize low overnight utility pricing during off-peak hours, saving both time and money.

EV charging options explained

You’ve probably heard conflicting stories about how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle. EV critics claim it can take 20 hours to fully charge a battery, while EV fans brag that Tesla Superchargers can add up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

So how long does charging your EV actually take? Charging speeds depend on a few different factors: the charging equipment, the power source, and the EV’s own onboard charging capacity.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds—home charging options are divided into 2 categories:

Level 1 Charger (120-volt)

You can consider Level 1 charging as the default EV charging option. It works on all electric vehicles and at all places with a standard power outlet. Level 1 charging equipment is included with every EV.

With Level 1 charging, all you do is plug your EV into a standard 120-volt AC wall outlet. Easy.

Easy, but slow. VERY SLOW. Level 1 is the lowest charging option available and is often referred to as “trickle charging.”

Tesla charger being plugged in

Level 2 Charger (240-volt)

For faster charging, homeowners can upgrade to Level 2 chargers. These us a 240-volt power outlet, the same as those used by air conditioners or clothes dryers.

Level 2 charging is a lot faster than Level 1 charging and makes the process very convenient for EV owners.

Some homes might not have a 240-volt outlet, that’s where we come in. You’ll want to ensure that the circuit supports a high enough amperage to allow your charge to operate at its peak output to charge your car as fast as possible. The team here at Frog has expert electricians that are well versed in the installation of the Tesla chargers for your vehicle, we proudly service the Nashville, Tennessee area and surrounding region. Call for your free estimate of your very own Tesla charger installation, today.

How Frog Can Help You Install a Dedicated TESLA LEVEL 2 POWER CHARGER For Your Home

Although you may be tempted to save money by installing the Level 2 charger yourself, it isn’t worth the risk. Only a certified electrician should install a Level 2 charger for you. Doing the installation yourself can be very dangerous putting you, your home and even your car at risk if not done correctly. Also, because the installation of electric vehicle chargers is a new service, you want to make sure you have an electrician who knows what they’re doing. We recommend installing your home charging equipment prior to taking delivery of your vehicle so it’s all ready to go when your vehicle arrives.

At Frog, we have the training and experience to handle any electrical service you may need, including installing your Tesla home charger. We provide top quality service and never sacrifice safety by cutting corners or skipping steps. We are so confident and good at what we do that we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Give us a call at 615-823-3965, or contact us here and we will work with you to get your home set up with a convenient and fast charging Level 2 charger. Our expert electricians here at Frog are ready to jump into action for all of your electrical service installation and electrical repair needs 24/7.

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