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AC Repair Vs. New Installation: How to Tell Which One You Need

In most homes, the air conditioner keeps the home cool and comfortable during the warmest months of the year. Like any other appliance, the AC unit is susceptible to wear and tear. This manifests in many ways, including strange noises, leaks, unpleasant odors, and inadequate cooling. In this case, repairs are warranted, but a complete overhaul of the unit may be required in some situations. But how do you choose between repair or new installation? We’ll get to that.

Finding a Reliable AC Repair & Installation Service

The availability of a skilled AC repair service is a significant factor in determining whether you require repairs or installation. Most homeowners are not experienced enough to troubleshoot their air conditioning unit, let alone inspect the components. AC repair and maintenance necessitates a detailed grasp of the entire device, including hidden elements.

Frog Air specializes in professional AC repair and installation services in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas. We deliver timely, trustworthy HVAC expertise at the most competitive prices in the region while also providing the greatest service and value.

Timely AC Maintenance

Many homeowners are entirely caught off guard when an air conditioner malfunctions or breaks down in the summer. To avoid this, it is critical to schedule frequent AC maintenance with a credible contractor like Frog Air. This puts you ahead of the game and helps you determine whether your problem needs a minor repair and a complete overhaul.

When to Repair vs. Install

A complete overhaul of the AC system can be a costly undertaking. However, with the help of a competent AC repair specialist like Frog Air, you can determine whether a particular HVAC problem needs repair or warrants a complete overhaul. Below are a few AC problems that will need repairs vs. a complete installation:

Low Refrigerant Levels

One tell-tale indicator of low refrigerant or Freon levels is that the air conditioner appears to be blowing but isn’t cooling. While this is a frustrating scenario, it does not necessitate an overhaul. Instead, your AC repair specialist can simply replenish the Freon supply. It is also worth noting that this problem can be resolved promptly if you have scheduled routine AC maintenance.

Dirty Vents & Ducts

Is your AC blowing dust every time you turn it on? Do the occupants cough and sneeze every time the unit is turned on? This could signal dirty air ducts and vents. However, poor indoor air quality may not necessitate an AC unit overhaul. Instead, arrange for air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants from the HVAC ductwork using specialized tools, techniques, and cleaners.

The Thermostat is Not Working

The thermostat is a circuit board that serves as the HVAC unit’s brain. It informs the unit when to turn on and off and how much hot or cold air to send out. If you turn on the thermostat and nothing happens, the device may not be working properly. Thankfully, thermostats are easily replaceable and can restore the HVAC unit’s functionality.

When to Replace Your AC Unit

Some issues with your air conditioner may demand more than simple repairs. Below is a list of scenarios that necessitate a comprehensive AC overhaul.

Your AC Unit is More Than 10 Years Old

If you live in an older home and your air conditioner is more than 10 or 15 years old, it’s probably time to replace it. An air conditioning system’s average lifespan is 10 to 15 years. If your system is older than that, it could be approaching the end of its useful life. Consider upgrading to a newer, more durable, and energy-efficient model.

Technician Mainitaining an HVAC Unit in Tennessee

Your System is Not Cooling the Home

As previously stated, this can be easily resolved by replenishing the supply of Freon in the HVAC unit. However, if the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace one or more system components or the entire system. Contact Frog Air to determine the best course of action.

Other issues requiring a complete overhaul are strange noises, unpleasant smells, and messy leaks. In any case, you need to consult with a competent AC repair and maintenance contractor like Frog Air.

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If you are unsure whether to repair or replace your AC unit and you live in Nashville, TN, Contact Frog Air to schedule an appointment.

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