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Prevent Electrical Horrors This Halloween

Don’t Let Spooky Overshadow Safety

Have you ever walked into a haunted house? Not a real one. Those are just plain scary.

We’re talking about the safe haunted houses. The ones your neighbors host every year to give the locals a good scare. Despite their “haunted” appearance, people flock to these homes because they know it’s all an act.

But to prevent real accidents from happening, everyone must practice electrical safety. As your local residential electrician in Nashville, TN, we want you to know the do’s and don’ts for electric. If you go all out with the decorations or you know someone who does, take note of these Halloween safety tips.

Cast the Halloween Safety Spell

  • Inspect decorations. Before you get to work, inspect each decoration thoroughly. If you notice any cracks, loose connections, bare wires or other signs of damage, discard the decoration immediately. Also, only use decorations that have been tested and certified by a recognized testing laboratory. That homemade jack-in-the-box might look really neat, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe!
  • Inspect electrical cords before using. Never use exposed or damaged electrical cords. Also, if you’re using electrical cords outside, make sure they’re designated for outdoor use.
  • Hang decorations with insulated staples. Don’t staple or nail electrical cords or light strings. Insulated staples provide extra protection and should be used to hang indoor or outdoor decorations.
  • Replace smoke detector batteries. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and replace if necessary. Don’t overlook this simple but important step.
  • Overload on fun, not electricity. It takes a lot of electricity to turn ordinary homes into haunted houses. Make sure that your current system can handle the extra usage. Before going into overdrive with your electricity, have one of our electricians inspect your system. We’ll let you know whether your system is good to go or needs to be upgraded.
  • Don’t use flammable items for decoration. Corn stalks and dried flowers are flammable and shouldn’t be part of your Halloween display. Use only non-flammable items to decorate your space.
  • Plug cords into ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. GFCIs are designed to prevent electrical shock. Plug your decorations into GFCI outlets to keep the festivities safe. Also, use exterior outlet covers to protect the outlets from inclement weather.
  • Don’t run electrical cords through high-traffic areas. Be smart with your decoration layout. Identify high traffic areas and keep them free of electrical cords to prevent visitors from falling.
  • Keep exits clear of decorations. If there’s ever an emergency, people will need to exit immediately. Keep all exits clear of decorations and distractions that could become hazardous (for instance, don’t run a fog machine right near the exit).
  • Shut the party down when you aren’t home. Don’t welcome unnecessary risk. Turn off all Halloween decorations and lights whenever you leave the house.

Who You Gonna Call? Frog Electrical!

It’s fun to turn your home into a “spooktacular” show. But before you do, take note of your electrical plan. If there’s anything you aren’t sure about, our trained electricians are here to help.

To learn more about our electrical services in Nashville, TN, or to schedule service for your home, call Frog Heating, Air & Electrical at 615.823.3965 or contact us online today.

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