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Thermostat Myths Debunked

Take Control Over Your Comfort

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could decide how much to pay the utility company each month? In reality, the amount you pay depends on your energy usage. It’s up to you, the homeowner, to be mindful of how much energy you use.

One way you can do this is by heating your home smartly. And it all starts with a clear understanding of your thermostat. Over the years, we’ve found that many homeowners don’t use their thermostats properly. In fact, many think that they’re taking steps to save energy when they’re actually wasting it. Using the thermostat incorrectly can overwork your system and leave you needing heating repair in Nashville, TN.

It’s time to put thermostat myths to rest once and for all. Here are some of the most common misconceptions and the real truths behind them.

Legend Has It That…

If I Crank Up the Heat, My Home Will Warm Up Faster.

When you crank up the heat in your car, it warms up very quickly. So why wouldn’t it be the same in your home?

It’s important to remember that you’re heating a much larger space at home. And unless you own a multi-stage heater, your system is going to work at the same pace no matter what. Setting the thermostat to 80 degrees isn’t going to make the air come out warmer or at a greater intensity. Your heater is going to keep running until it reaches 80 degrees. But by the time it gets there, your home will feel like a sauna and you’ll have wasted a whole lot of energy in the process.

Adjusting the Temperature Will Raise My Bill.

Many homeowners suffer from what we call Don’t Touch It Syndrome. They’re convinced that adjusting the temperature will force their system to work harder and cost them more money.

The truth is that a consistent temperature can cost more than a changing one. The closer your home’s temperature is to the outside temperature, the less heat you’ll lose. In other words, your system is going to have to work harder to maintain 68 degrees 24/7 than if it dropped to 62 degrees and went back up again.

According to the Department of Energy, you can save up to 10 percent annually on your heating and cooling by turning your thermostat back from its normal setting 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day. Adjusting the temperature doesn’t mean you’re using more energy than you would with a consistent temperature. Rather, it’s about finding those blocks of time when you can lower the heat and give your system a break. The exception to this is heat pumps. If your home uses a heat pump, it’s typically better to keep your home at a consistent temperature.

The Thermostat Can Fix Everything.

When it comes to staying warm, don’t underestimate the old-school tactics. The lower you can set the thermostat, the more money you’ll save. Layer up, drink hot beverages and do whatever else it takes to feel warmer in your space. Your thermostat and furnace will do a lot to keep you warm, but there’s plenty you can do on your own, too! 

The Thermostat Can Be Installed Anywhere.

Just because your thermostat will work anywhere in the home, this doesn’t mean it can go in any nook or cranny. Avoid having your thermostat installed in sunny areas, above air vents, near doors and windows and any other places that can give false readings. The best location is in the center of your home in a place that’s accessible to everyone.

Master Your Heating Plan With Frog

Since every home is different, there’s no such thing as a universal heating strategy. Every home needs to develop its own plan to save money and feel comfortable year-round. That’s how Frog can help.

Our heating repair company in Nashville, TN, is here to meet all of your heating needs this season. Whether you need to upgrade your outdated heating system or you want to learn more about programmable and smart thermostats, we at Frog will take leaps and bounds to protect your comfort.

To schedule service, call Frog Heating, Air & Electrical at 615.823.3965 or contact us online today.

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