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Safeguard Your HVAC Unit

It can happen in a flash! A power surge is a fast, temporary spike in voltage within an electrical circuit. While the surge is unavoidable and out of your control, what you do to protect your home is very much within your power.

In Tennessee, lightning storms and other electrical events are a fact of life. And yet, as many homeowners try to protect their TVs, computers and smaller appliances, they often neglect the much more expensive systems, including their HVAC unit. Since your HVAC system is a major investment, protecting this valuable asset should be a top priority.

Here are 5 things every homeowner should know about surge protection:
  • Lighting isn’t the biggest culprit. In fact, 80% of surges are transient and generated by homeowners. High-power electrical devices, including an HVAC system, can create a spike in the electrical current when they’re switched on or off. A surge can also occur with faulty wiring or power grid issues.
  • Whole-house surge protection is necessary. It’s the best solution to prevent any voltage induction from reaching the interior of your home. Unfortunately, a simple surge strip can’t prevent electric surges. Now, more than ever, homes need a whole-house solution, especially considering that many newer appliances use internal computers to operate at optimal levels.
  • Surge protection leads to longer appliance life. When properly installed, a surge protection system can enable homeowners to get as much as 30% more life out of HVAC equipment and other appliances. You may think, “Surges aren’t a problem at my house!” What you may not realize is that the damaging burst of extreme electricity can happen just for a millisecond when the appliance is turned on. As this happens cumulatively, the equipment can be damaged.
  • Choose a thermostat with time delay. This is an important feature in the event of a power outage. After power is restored, there could be small surges in the grid. With time-delay technology, a thermostat can be programmed to have a five-minute waiting period, rather than immediately turning back on and possibly damaging the system.
  • Homeowners should not attempt surge protector installation on their own. Whenever your home improvement project involves live electrical currents, you should call a licensed professional. Scheduling a service call is a much better alternative to risking personal injury or electrocution.
Protecting Your Major Investment

Since Tennessee is one of the more active states in terms of lightning strikes, why not protect your home as much as possible?

At Frog Heating & Air, we are committed to safeguarding a homeowner’s major investment. We not only offer whole-home surge protection, but also provide installation services.

To schedule your consultation or to speak with one of our team members, get in touch with us or call 615.823.3965 today!


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