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Light Up Dad’s World This Father’s Day

Wrap Up The Gift of Lighting!

The month of June doesn’t only signify the start of summer; it also showcases Father’s Day! For those who are blessed with fathers to celebrate, Father’s Day is the perfect time to let Dad know how much he brightens your life. So, toss aside those coffee mugs, dress shirts and business ties. On June 17, give Dad what he really wants—a brighter space to entertain his family and friends!

It doesn’t matter whether Dad spends more of his time in his office or outside by the pool, he should be awarded with a special, bright space to enjoy day in and day out. So, if you’re pondering gift options this year, consider lighting up his favorites spaces with some new LED lights or a lighting system! At Frog Heating, Air & Electrical we can help with a wide range of residential lighting services in Brentwood, TN, and beyond.

Shed Light on Dad’s Favorite Spots

The art of lighting has come a long way since Edison’s light bulb. In today’s modern world, lighting is used for a multitude of reasons and in a variety of places. There’s deck lighting, floor lighting, track lighting, pool lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting and the list goes on! And lights today can do more than allow for better vision—they can set a mood or a tone for different spaces. And choosing efficient, more cost effective LED lights to transform Dad’s space will certainly impress him!

For example, does Dad enjoy being outdoors? Perhaps he loves puttering around on the patio or walking around in the beautifully landscaped rock bed. Both areas would be ideal spaces to install exterior lights. Professionally installed exterior lights not only set a superb mood, but they also improve your home’s safety. Dimmers and motion-controlled sensors can add ambience to Dad’s outdoor space and deter criminals at the same time.

Dad’s not the outdoorsy type? No problem. If he’s more likely to be found in his office, there are plenty of exciting illuminating options for interior spaces too. If Dad works from home, he may benefit from task lighting. Just like Mr. Brady had in his Brady Bunch den, Dad might need specific lighting tailored to the type of office work he does. If his current office is too dark, we can recommend a variety of accent lights, track lights or even lighting systems with controls to improve work conditions.

Here is a list of lighting services Frog offers:

  • Retrofit lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Light dimmers and timers
  • Track and accent lighting
  • Ballast and bulb replacement
  • Lighting controls
  • Bathroom and kitchen lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Motion sensors

Brighter (and Safer) Days Ahead

If surprising Dad with multiple gifts this year is more your style may we suggest some home safety features? Surprise Dad with added safety by purchasing a new generator, surge protection or extra smoke detectors this month! Frog Heating, Air & Electrical does all types of electrical service installation in Nashville, TN and can easily help with any repairs or HVAC services you need, as well. As dads ourselves, we know how much he will appreciate the gesture!

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