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Home Heating 101: When It’s Time to Replace Your Aging Unit

With fall here and winter around the corner, home heaters will soon be revving up. How do you know whether or not to replace an aging heater? In this edition of Home Heating 101, we’ve outlined a guide for when you should replace a heater, rather than simply repair it. Knowing the signs can help you avoid the risk of a broken unit when you need it the most.

How do you know when duct tape won’t cut it? Here are some telltale signs it’s time for an equipment replacement:
  • Your system is more than a decade old. The general expiration of a heating unit is 15 years, according to Energy Star, but it’s probably best to have your heating unit changed if it’s more than 10 years old. You’ll want a high-efficiency unit that has the Energy Star label, and you’ll want it properly installed, in order to save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.
  • Different rooms consistently have different temperatures. While leaky ducts can cause air to be too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer, the temperate difference could also mean your equipment is operating poorly.
  • Rising costs on your energy bill. When a heating system is aging, it starts working harder than it would if it were new. As more energy is used, you’ll notice the bottom line of your bill getting higher (meaning it may be time to install a new system).
  • What’s that racket? Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to change your heating unit is if it’s getting noisy. Loud humming or clanking is a sure sign of faulty equipment. It could also be a sign that there’s a loose coil or undersized duct system. Contact a professional and schedule an inspection to identify the problem.
  • Your home has been renovated. Common sense dictates that when the square footage of your home increases, the system output will also have to increase. Some systems may not be large enough to perform well in the new space, so it may be time for an upgrade.
Avoiding the Cold Sweat

Fully trained and NATE certified, Frog Heating & Air’s experienced technicians specialize in the installation and replacement of all heating system types. We recommend high-efficiency, competitively priced systems, and offer the highest quality parts.

Don’t sweat it in the middle of winter! To schedule your consultation or to speak with one of our team members, get in touch with us or call 615.823.3965 today.


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