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Want to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value?

Check Out Upgrades You Should (and Shouldn’t) Make

Maybe it’s too big. Maybe it’s too small. Maybe you’re just ready for something new and different. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to sell your house. But you’re not exactly sure what upgrades to make to increase your chances of a deal.

Don’t worry. Your friends at Frog Heating, Air & Electrical have a few tricks up our sleeves and are happy to share them with you, including if you need a trusted Nashville electrician to make needed repairs or improvements.

How energy efficient is your house? Even if you haven’t thought about it before, low energy costs and reliable comfort can be extremely important to potential buyers of your home. A key component in bringing that efficiency into your home is an HVAC system from Frog. Offering high-quality systems and top-notch installation, you’ve already got a big leap up on the competition when selling your pad.

So, once you’ve called Frog, what else can you do to make your home more attractive to the market? And what renovations can be more harmful than helpful? Here are a few to consider:

  • DO: Trim your trees
    Removing dead leaves, branches and stumps can bring your house back to life before even stepping inside. It’s important to show homebuyers that you’ve taken care of where they’re about to live. Seeing a well-maintained lawn with fresh fertilizer leaves a positive impression about what is yet to come when looking at the property.
  • DON’T: Buy wallpaper or install carpeting
    Wallpaper is not your friend. Painting over colors is easy for new homeowners, but peeling off bold patterns in sheets might exhaust them before the project has even begun. Speaking of exhausting projects, stop carpeting. Most styles look outdated compared to hardwood floors. It’s much easier to buy rugs than clean carpets, and this change can increase the overall value of your home.
  • DO: Neutrals are your friend
    It’s important to create a blank canvas for potential buyers who are trying to imagine themselves living in your house. Bright colors and patterns suggest a certain vibe that the house is meant to have, rather than what someone else might want. Choose neutrals to comfort many different tastes and encourage creativity!
  • DON’T: Install sound systems & home theaters
    No matter how luxurious this renovation might seem, it’s not for everyone. Although you might appreciate purchasing a home that already comes with a home theater, other buyers might have imagined using the space differently and have to spend more of their money to reverse the “favor.” Skip the complication and avoid turning off customers.
  • DO: Spiff up your entryway
    We all know how important first impressions are. So, what is your entryway telling potential homebuyers about the house? Can they decorate it to welcome their guests? Can they take a deep breath after coming home from a long day at work? How’s the lighting? The entryway is what introduces everyone to the house—so make sure it has a good handshake.
  • DON’T: Install custom closets & offices
    Spending your own money to improve spaces that buyers might not want to pay for can be a lose-lose situation. Custom closets and spaces can be very specific and difficult for a new owner to change. Along with that, avoid repurposing old bedrooms to offices or workout spaces. This will limit your buying pool by listing your house with fewer bedrooms, ruling out larger families that may have fit comfortably before your renovations.
  • DO: Use the empty areas
    The more rooms in your house that offer sleeping space, the better. That includes buying a pull-out couch, or finishing the basement or attic to create a bedroom. This will open up your buying pool and list your house under more search results.
  • DON’T: Install hot tubs & pools
    There’s no need to remove these luxuries if you already have them, but don’t add them. Some potential buyers will see hot tubs and pools as chores and may have pictured their new homes without them. Don’t spend extra money for something that might not be wanted. If the new residents want these additions, they’ll make these changes.
  • DO: Improve lighting (indoor & outdoor)
    Light it up! Lighting is key when trying to give a room its own mood—and even make it look bigger. Dark rooms can feel unwelcoming and cave-like. Make sure the outside of your house is well lit, as well. Lights dispersed within plants and down walkways make the house look finished and warm. You don’t need anything fancy to make a house look like someone lives in it when the sun goes down.

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