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For Nashville Families, Madness Is When Your Heater Goes Kaput

Some Problems You Can Fix Yourself, Others Require the Pros at Frog

College basketball fans think the frantic scramble to the final tournament is what defines madness in March. But anyone whose heater has conked out in the middle of a cold March night (or day) in Tennessee knows the true meaning of March mayhem.

Our heating and air company in Nashville, TN has the training and expertise to resolve all of your heating problems—from the simple to the most complex. However, there are certain fixes you can easily make yourself, including these:

  1. The thermostat. You might be surprised how often we show up at a home and find out the only problem with the heat is that the thermostat isn’t set to “heat” and the temperature isn’t set at 5 degrees or so above the room temperature. Check this before you call us. Also, if your thermostat uses batteries, make sure they are in good working order. The batteries in your thermostat should be changed at least once a year. Don’t forget to open the thermostat and blow away any dust or debris that’s settled there.
  2. The circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker that controls your furnace has tripped to the “off” or middle position, your furnace will stop working. Flipping the switch back to “on” should solve the problem. If the fuse has blown, replacing it is the answer.
  3. Air filters. If your air filter is dirty or clogged, your furnace will work harder than it needs to and, even with this extra effort, probably won’t be able to keep your home as warm and comfortable as you need. Your heater’s air filter should be changed or cleaned every month. This simple step keeps your home warm, your heater operating efficiently and your energy bills low. It also can extend the life of your heating units.
  4. The safety switch. The safety switch on the furnace door will stop the fan and burner from operating if the door is not properly closed or has been removed. Adjusting the door should solve this problem.
  5. The area around your heater. Make sure to keep debris and miscellaneous items far away from your heater. If there is too much clutter around it, it will not operate efficiently. The excess junk also is a fire hazard. Make sure to sweep or vacuum the area around your heater, too.

Simple problems. Simple fixes. If your heating system problems are beyond your expertise, call your friends at Frog Heating, Air & Electrical. From cleaning coils to repairing switches, we have the skills and experience you can rely on for any heating challenge. We’re also the heating and air company in Nashville, TN that you can count your cooling, indoor air quality and electrical needs.

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