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7 Ways To Tell If Your Heater Is Energy Efficient

Nothing is as fulfilling as enjoying a winter day inside your home where the temperature is warm. However, heating your home during chilly winter days can be quite expensive. This is because heaters consume a lot of gas or electricity, and if used over an extended period, it can lead to excessive energy bills. Heaters are fundamental components in homes. They are convenient devices that offer focused and localized heat in our homes.

However, most people forget to check their efficiency as they always assume that they are running at optimal performance. However, your heater may face serious risks such as a build-up of dirt and debris, breakdowns, clogging, and others. Ultimately, you end up paying hefty energy bills since your furnace will try to work two times harder.  If you want to save money and minimize your energy use, it is imperative to ensure that your furnace changes its fuel source into heating power with a little amount of waste.

To ensure that your furnace stays as energy-efficient as possible in Nashville, TN, it is vital to schedule regular maintenance from experts like us at Frog Air, Heating, and Electrical. We have extensive knowledge in maintenance and energy efficiency, and we can help you save money while keeping your home comfortable throughout the winter. Below are some of the ways to check whether your heater is energy efficient:
well maintained water heater in Tennessee
well maintained water heater in Tennessee

  1. AFUE Rating
  2. This rating informs you of how efficiently your heater converts fuel into energy. The greater the AFUE rating of your heater, the more energy-efficient it is. For new heaters, the minimum mandating AFUE rating is 78 per cent. High-efficiency heaters frequently get a rating of 90-97 per cent.

  3. Age
  4. Your furnace is supposed to heat all areas of your home uniformly. However, as it gets older, it might experience challenges warming all areas of your house. That is why regular maintenance is crucial.
    Most top-rated heaters have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. However, once the furnace attains 10 to 15 years’ mark, its efficiency may start to decline drastically due to wear and tear and corrosion. At this point, you should consider replacing your heater to avoid incurring unnecessary costs that emanate from repair bills or higher energy use.
    Before your furnace is replaced, you should schedule your furnace inspection to prevent carbon monoxide leaks, clean built-up rust, and dirt, and clean the air filters.

  5. Certification By The Energy Star Program
  6. The Energy Star program helps customers in choosing cost-effective and eco-friendly appliances. According to the Energy Star requirements, heater or gas furnaces should have an AFUE of 90 per cent and at least 85 per cent, respectively.
    This way, you can save up to 20% or more on your energy costs. Heating services ensure that you receive the highest possible ratings.

  7. Proper Maintenance
  8. On average, the typical lifespan of a heater is 15 to 20 years. If you serviced and maintained your heater regularly, your heater can work for up to 20 years, but an unmanaged heater will last up to 10 years.
    Tennessee heating technician performing home maintenance

  9. Utility Bills
  10. An energy-efficient heater can help you save money on heating, effectively distributing heat around your home and reducing costly maintenance costs. Every month, keep track of your utility bills. Unexpected variations in your energy cost can signify a problem with your heating system’s efficiency.

  11. Carbon Footprint
  12. Heating consumes a significant amount of energy. Installing fixtures that waste less heat reduces your home’s energy consumption. Selecting efficient systems assures you that you have made a good decision for the environment and future generations.

  13. Works Great With Smart Thermostats
  14. Heating systems that use less energy perform effectively well with smart thermostats. By installing a smart thermostat, you can track real-time information to modify the thermostat when away from home and view automated energy efficiency reports.

  15. Higher Resale Value
  16. The resale value of a home with energy-efficient heating systems is higher. A prospective buyer will prefer to buy a home with energy-efficient fixtures and low energy costs. After improving your heating, you may receive more bids and a better offer for your property.

If you have any doubts as to the efficiency of your heater, now’s the time to schedule an appointment for us to come out and inspect your system. Our motto at Frog Air is “Comfort Without Compromise” and we are committed to providing you excellent service that will keep you and your family comfortable this season.

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