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Be Prepared When Thunderstorms Start Rolling In

Frog’s Electrical Experts Are There for You When the Lights Go Out

In March, the weather in Nashville starts to turn a corner and signs of spring are everywhere. The days grow longer, the temperatures climb higher and the skies are more likely to be clear, not cloudy.

Of course, we’re all looking forward to those and other improvements in our weather. Still, there’s another weather shift you might not be thinking about in March, although you should: increased thunderstorms. The chance of thunderstorms is relatively low right now, but it is on the rise and will increase dramatically over the next few months. With that increase comes a greater risk of power outages. And with a greater risk of power outages comes the compelling need for a residential electrician in Nashville and the surrounding communities.

When we wait to act after a crisis occurs, we can lose time, energy and make the wrong choices. That’s why it’s important to be prepared before power outages or other electrical emergencies in advance. Part of that preparation is having your trusted electrician on speed dial.

At Frog Heating, Air & Electrical, our technicians have the training and experience to handle any electrical emergency you face. We believe in delivering the highest quality workmanship and are committed to being the company you can count on. We stand behind our services, and we’ll do right by you—every heat wave, every cold snap, every home renovation project, every thunderstorm. We’ve seen it all and know how to find the problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

Right now, the chance of thunderstorms is on the rise but still relatively low. In March, there’s a roughly 44 percent of precipitation throughout the month with the risk of thunderstorms at about 22 percent on the days when precipitation occurs. In April, the chance of precipitation is about the same but the risk of thunderstorms jumps to 35 percent.

In May and June, the chance of precipitation is about 42 percent but the risk of thunderstorms is 48 percent in May and 60 percent in June. In July and August, there’s a roughly 38 percent chance of precipitation with the likelihood of thunderstorms at 64 percent in July and 56 percent in August.

In September, the chance of thunderstorms drops again.

Why wait for the thunderstorms to blow in and the power to go out? Put your friendly technicians from Frog on speed dial now so you can reach out to them as quickly as possible if your power goes out.

At Frog, our technicians are prepared to handle all of your electrical wiring services in Nashville and beyond. Services we provide include: electrical panels, electrical repairs, electrical service installation, lighting, LED lighting, generators, smoke detectors and surge protection.

Contact Frog When the Lights Go Out

When your power goes out or you need any other electrical or HVAC services, the certified technicians at Frog—the prince among electrical, heating and cooling companies in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding area—can work wonders. Our technicians won’t rest until they diagnose your problem and find the best possible solution at the most reasonable price.

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